Rainy Lake Sportfishing Club Derby

The Rainy Lake Sportfishing Club Derby is on the docket for tomorrow! This annual event takes place on the beautiful Rainy Lake just out of town in Sand Bay. It is an amazing community event that draws a lot of the local community along with other’s that travel in for this special event. This year we have a $5000 first place draw event, $2000 for second, $1000 for third, and a ton of miscellaneous prizes. In addition to the draw events, we also have fish category prizes that are completely separate from the draw.

These fish draws are for the 3 lucky individuals for each type of fish category, walleye, perch, northern, and miscellaneous. How this works is that when an individual catches a fish, they then bring it up to the Ron Jean Memeorial – Senior Fish House where the tail gets snipped (so we don’t have cheaters!), and the individual is given a colored ticket (1 of 4 colors) for every fish they bring up. At the end of the derby, we then draw 3 tickets out of the corresponding fish bucket(s) and the winners are announced over the local radio station. These prize prices are targeted at $150 each, but sometimes can climb to as much as $500!

It is truly a fun event, and as the President of the Rainy Lake Sportfishing Club I – Captain Jason Ellman – highly encourage you to grab your family and join the fun in International Falls. This event takes place on the last Saturday of February every year, so if you can’t make it tomorrow you could always plan for next year to join the Rainy Lake Sportfishing Club Derby.

Captain J

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