6 Pack OUPV Captains Classes

There are two big things happening with NWE, 6 Pack OUPV Captain’s Classes

Captain’s Classes have officially started for the Restricted OUPV credential and there have already been 4 classes. At this point in time, I am working with the United States Coast Guard, on the USCG OUPV 6-Pack License credential nationwide program. They have approved the curriculum, but we don’t necessarily agree on the exams. This means that I will be altering my exams to make sure that they feel all requirements have been satisfied and it should be done and resubmitted by the end of this week. I have been coordinating with a location to teach in St. Ignace Michigan, Manitowoc Wisconsin, Duluth Minnesota, International Falls Minnesota, and have been seek a location near Minneapolis Minnesota. This will make for a lot of availability to those seeking to work around their schedule.

Spring is here on Rainy Lake (Rainy Lake | lake, North America | Britannica)! I am looking like I will have a busy early season, tapered off mid-season, and slower late season. There are a lot of Voyageurs National Park Tours and Rainy Lake Fishing Guide trips that have been planned thus far. The only problem that we have right now is that as of yesterday we still have 22″ of ice on the lake! This will mean that the beginning of the season will be up in the air as to when it will start. They are also calling for flooding in our area which means we will need to navigate safely and keep a look-out for debris in the water. The only perk of the high water is that it generally makes for better spawning conditions for our Walleye population. As normal, I try to find a positive with everything 🙂

Well, I am excited about our two big things, 6 Pack OUPV Captain’s Classes and Spring is Here! With my transitioning to this profession full-time, I am anticipating a great future with many new relationships being formed. Any questions or if you would like to book a date with me you can get a hold of me at 218-324-1776 or at https://northernexcursion.com/ using the contact page.


Captain J

6 Pack OUPV Captains Classes

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