Ice Season is in Mid-Swing

Ice Season is in Mid-Swing and the mud is where you want to be! I had the pleasure of enjoying an annual trip recently, with a great crew. This group consists of some relatives and close family friends, and this was our 4th year in a row of heading out. It’s always signing up for a good time when we get together, and we usually fish really well together.

This time of year, it is crucial to be in the mud and working the center of the flats. Those fish are munching on bugs and chasing the smaller fish that are hanging out in the basin. With a group of five we have the advantage to cover a lot of depth/water column and that is a key ticket to finding sucess. We were able to capitalize on several keeper fish, including some slot fish, well off of the bottom. I believe the bottom is over fished and a lot of opportunity is missed because of this. Our best bite came roughly 4-5 foot off of bottom this last weekend and took a great deal of finesse to bring them to bite.

Though I do enjoy being on the ice, I do not plan on doing many Ice-Fishing trips in the future. I will try to book a couple here and there to keep the excitement rolling but teaching classes will be my main objective. If you have a special place in your heart to get out on the ice with me and are willing to negotiate on some pricing/timing, we can arrange an outing next season. Give me a call at (218)324-1776 or contact me from this website (goes directly to my email) HERE. Check out the pictures below of our last trip.

Captain J