About Us

I, Jason Ellman am a Licensed Charter Captain with the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and a USCG approved Instructor who has successfully competed in Walleye tournaments throughout the Midwest.

Those experiences have allowed me to retain a vast knowledge of Walleye fishing, but I am not a one species guide. I enjoy targeting Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, and Muskie.

While on the water, Northern Water Excursions LLC will have a high concentration on safety. I am First Aid and CPR certified, as well as Fully Insured which can put your mind at ease knowing you’re in good hands with me as your Captain.

Meet your captain

My vision for Northern Water Excursions LLC is to help teach youth and adults how to enjoy this beautiful natural resource we have in our own backyard. I want to put you in the right place that meets your needs whether its sight-seeing, teaching/learning, or fishing. I truly cherish this natural resource, and in order to sustain this resource we need to continue utilizing it. I have done this firsthand and taken the forefront, leading by example. This has been displayed through the course of time as I have been a key figure in volunteer programs that help people utilize this resource.

Overall, I believe that this resource provides an opportunity that can bring people together, and this business provides itself as a key for individuals to open that door. Come and be a part of Northern Water Excursions LLC; where we can help you find what you’re looking for!

Northern Water Excursions LLC provides a level of service that sets it apart from all the others, which stems from my achievement of being a certified U.S.C.G. approved instructor. To achieve this qualification is a rigorous and long-term process. I started training for this particular business in 2012 when I joined the National Professional Anglers Association and was my first step. From there I have traveled the Midwest and have been a part of different events and organizations to help build experience. These experiences have built up the foundation of this company and have provided a strong stable platform to support the service’s this business provides. Please move over to our Services and Rates tabs to view what we offer. ***NOTE – We are not limited to these service’s and if you have any special requests or thoughts, please contact us and we will discuss viable options.

The current boat that we will be navigating in is a 2003 Champion – 194 Fish-Hunter. I am the third owner of this boat, and am very well acquainted with the first two owners. I have been fortunate enough to have been fishing out of this particular vessel since it left the factory. It was repowered with a 2019 – 200 Horsepower Mercury PRO XS in late 2019. This will comfortably fish up to 4 individuals.