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MN Captains License

This has been a productive year for spreading the wealth of knowledge, in relation to who needs a MN Captains License. There are many individual who have been reaching out and asking the question, Do I need to get a USCG Captains License? I have found that 98% of those reply’s have been, YES!

How do you know if you need to have a license or not; that is what I am going to help with now. The easiest way to identify if you need a license is to understand the body of water you plan on working on. In a “perfect world” if you were to drop an empty (floating) bottle into the center of that particular body of water, and it were to flow with the current of the system, would that bottle eventually reach the ocean? If so, then you need to have a USCG License! This all falls into line with the Federal Clean Water Act.

With Northern Water Excursions LLC in person classes for Captains License we will go through the process and teach you the Rules of the Road, Navigation General, Deck/Safety General, and Chart Plotting. This information is great for more than just fisherman and applies to those seeking to make money on shuttles, taxis, ferries, those completing the Great Loop, and more!

This organization does not take short-cuts and provides you with the knowledge to take any USCG Captains License exam given to you. My goal is to equip you with the knowledge required to be successful not only on paper, but out on the water as well. If you are looking for a USCG Captains License or MN Captains License you need to give me a call at 218-324-1776 so I can get you squared away. You could also view my upcoming schedule at the following link: USCG OUPV Captains Classes in MN, WI, & MI (northernexcursion.com)

If you would like to verify my information above, go ahead and visit this Government Website Link to check out MN Navigable Waterways: Microsoft Word – NAVIGABLE WATERS MN.doc (army.mil)

Let me know if you have any questions and for those out fishing… Tight Lines

Capt. J

MN Captains License