Voyageurs National Park Tour

Are you thinking about going on a Voyageurs National Park Tour in the near future? If so, look no further and give us a call at (218) 324-1776 or contact us at this link Northern Water Excursions LLC – Rainy Lake Guiding, Tours, or Training (! Northern Water Excursions LLC’s Captain Jason Ellman has provided hundreds of tours already, and the unique part of that he is the only guide who operates on both sides of Voyageurs National Park. With intimate details about the Park, you will not be disappointed with your experience! A few important details to cover on your experience can be found below.

You will have the opportunity to get out of the boat and explore some of the amazing sites. What you will see is dependent on the body of water you have chosen to start your Voyageurs National Park Tour on. Some of the sites include looking at gold mines, commercial operations, famous Voyageurs National Park cabins, the Ellsworth Rock Gardens, Kettle Falls Hotel, and various hidden gems that are easily overlooked!

If you are one that wants to see it all, we can definitely help you out. It is not abnormal, by any means, to book two days in a row on your Voyageurs National Park Tour to ensure you see both sides of the Park. This is a very common request and easily captured. I do recommend splitting it up into two-days, but, if necessary, we can squeeze this into one day. This will take some additional coordination, time management, and added energy for the long day.

At this time, we only take smaller groups of 4 people. This is a huge benefit to many clients because it keeps your Voyageurs National Park Tour a personal experience. We will join you to explore the sites, and then leave you to enjoy the area at your leisure. Some clients enjoy spending additional time in certain area’s to really soak in the details. This does not pose an issue as your experience is based on the timelines that were agreed upon and flexibility is usually an option.

If you would like to enjoy a Voyageurs National Park Tour give us a call today!

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(USCG Masters License and fully insured)

For more information on the Park visit: Voyageurs National Park (U.S. National Park Service) (

Voyageurs National Park Tour
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