Charter Captain – 6 Pack OUPV Captains License

Charter Captain – 6 Pack OUPV Captains License Classes are on point with great success by my students! I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching the multitude of individuals thus far and they are working all over the United States. Individuals that have successfully completed the course, are now working in Alaska, Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and even in Iowa!

I have had the luxury of having a former USCG Commander in one of my classes as well. With a solid review from him and a great complement on my methods of teaching the Rules of the Road being, “You taught the Rules of the Road better than they do at the Academy.” This gave me all the more confidence that I am providing top-notch In-Person Training for our future Mariners. This gives me even more drive to provide top quality training throughout the Midwest.

With that being said, I’ll be the first one to tell you that you need to earn it. These are federally approved exams and course content that you are navigating through. When you join my class, you will need to be ready to work, and be open minded. My teaching methods have been solid, and I am currently running with a very high passing ratio because of my method of teaching. I would say that approximately 1/3 of my students have tried to obtain their license online, which is unfortunate that they had to invest into a product that didn’t produce for them. Don’t fall victim to a potential fiasco, unless you absolutely have to. Check out my upcoming classes here —> Click on the Location to Reserve your Seat! – Northern Water Excursions LLC (

Charter Captain – 6 Pack OUPV Captains License Classes with Northern Water Excursions LLC – Training and helping certify my competition since 2022!

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