OUPV – Captain’s Class update

Below is an update on the current status of OUPV – Captain’s Class update.  It is just sharing information to help everyone stay on the same page.
I hope the beginning of this new year has found you doing well so far!  For some of you this might be a repeat of information and to others it will be catching them up on where we are at currently.  
The NMC has received all of the material required for the courses I plan to be teaching this season.  For a point of reference, courses that were submitted generally took 60 days to go through the approval process after initial recognition.   I received a phone call just prior to Christmas from an individual at the NMC who wanted to take the time to inform me of the NMC’s current situation and welcome me into this industry.   Unfortunately, as with most businesses around the country, I was informed that the NMC is suffering from being extremely short-handed.  Within that conversation the individual had asked me to seek patience as they work through the work-load they currently have.  They informed me that they are roughly a month to month and a half behind, after the already extended initial recognition.  If this timeline holds true, that would push the final approval for the ROUPV class into March, the OUPV into late March/(early) April, and the Renewal into late April/May.  This is the reason I have not set up “firm” dates on when I will be teaching quite yet.  I plan on following up with my contacts at the NMC in an attempt to draw a closer expected timeline so I can let everyone know and allow you to have as much time as possible to plan ahead.  This is not the most ideal situation we are in, but at this point we don’t have much of a choice.  Integrity is a critical component to my character and this business, which is why I am trying to be as thorough as I can in regard to the current status.
In the meantime, we can still make a lot of progress and help you get your Credentials quicker.  Right now, you can be scratching off your list of things to do in addition to the class.  You can go to the following link (below) and print off the checklist.  This checklist will need to be completed and turned into the NMC in order to qualify for the Merchant Mariner Credential you are seeking.  You can complete all of this, aside from this course, and turn it into the NMC.  They will send you a Medical Document in the mail showing completion and approval (if you’re approved).  This will speed up your approval process with them and when you complete one of the courses that we will do together, you can submit a copy of that certificate to the NMC and receive your MMC/Captains License much quicker than submitting it all at the same time.  Prior to the NMC being short-handed, this would have shaved a month off of your approval process.  With them being short-handed now, I would imagine it would save a lot more time than that.   Here is the link you should go to: Merchant Mariner Credential NMC (uscg.mil)
The foundation of my program, being the ROUPV, went in first and is in mid-approval right now (as of 1/12/22).  The OUPV is in the beginning stages of the approval process (as of 1/12/22).  The Captains Renewal Course was submitted in December but hasn’t started the approval process at this time due to delay recognition by the NMC.  (All courses were submitted within weeks of each other). This concludes this OUPV – Captain’s Class update as of right now.

Very Respectfully,

Captain J

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