Rainy Lake Spring Fishing

The envelope has been pealed back on the spring time fishing in MN. I can say that I have spent a considerable amount of time on the water this spring, more than I have in a long time….. and it feels great! Never having fished the American side of Rainy Lake during opener was a […]

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Rainy River Sturgeon Fishing

Setting up for the classic spring time Sturgeon fishing on Rainy River. I’m starting to get some items put together to chase these old dinosaurs! The fun part about this is that it can be a truly inexpensive adventure when it comes to gear. Starting with the size of weight, you will need to pay […]

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Smelling Spring!

Can you smell that beautiful spring rain!?!?! This last rainfall and wind are opening the lake up the rest of the way which means its time to bust out your lake gear and get it cleaned up for the season. There has been a lot of people fishing the Rainy River, but this hasn’t met […]

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