Rainy Lake Spring Fishing

The envelope has been pealed back on the spring time fishing in MN. I can say that I have spent a considerable amount of time on the water this spring, more than I have in a long time….. and it feels great! Never having fished the American side of Rainy Lake during opener was a bit of curve ball (I’m usually on the Canadian side of Rainy), but there was no issue’s executing a successful opener. After catching the fish I wanted to I changed gears into research mode especially since I have turned the page to being a Rainy Lake Guide now. I have done this kind of research on numerous lakes and for good reason. Catching fish is almost never the issue, but knowing where to go when the bite gets tough is where a good Rainy Lake Guide will separate themselves from the rest of the pack. That is the reason for hitting the water and watching the graphs, Knowing where to start was an easy decision and after catching enough to satisfy my craving I burned through almost 48 gallons of fuel. I managed to dissect the American side of the lake into 4 primary area’s that should hold fish every spring! I managed to find 2 of these area’s on opening day and the other 2 area’s the following day.

Since then I have been out working primarily solo, but occasionally I have also been working with another Rainy Lake Guide to stay on top of the fish. When I am not working on that I have been out to fun fish for myself and continue to work on technique improvements as well as testing out new equipment, such as, the Dobyns Sierra- STP 791SF – Dobyns Rods. I have used a lot of rods throughout my fishing career thus far, but this is absolutely the best slip bobber rod that I have ever used. This is an outstanding Crappie and Walleye rod, yet still designed for Trout and Panfish! If you want to check them out in action, just drop me a line here —> Northern Water Excursions LLC – Rainy Lake Guiding, Tours, or Training (northernexcursion.com) After one more guide trip on Rainy Lake the next stop will be on Mille Lacs Lake next week. It is extremely helpful and still fun to be more than just a Rainy Lake Guide as my next trip down south is actually a 3-4 day guided trip!

Tight lines and stay shallow!

Captain J