MN Captains Class – In Person Training

MN Captains Class – In Person Training is in Full-Steam once again! This is something that I have been finding more and more enjoyable. Helping educate more and more mariners is growing into a passion itself and I am finding my unique teaching strategies paying off for my students.

This course is a very hands on that keeps you engaged in the very topic of discussion. When designing this course I was able to utilize not only my previous phycology degree and mariner training, but also the thoughts of a previous instructor of well over two decades.

If you were to get a hold of anyone who has taken this course previously, I have no doubt that they will ensure you that this is worth your investment. You will get 100% of my effort when taking MN Captains Class – In Person Training with myself. I am also available to pursue a private course built outside of the timelines given in the page: In person Captains Class in MN, WI, & MI ( If this is something you would like to pursue you can give me a call at 218-324-1776 so we can work through getting your location approved by the USCG/NMC (as required by law) or I can work with you on some available options. This has been extremely helpful for the “working individual” who does not want to burn up all of their vacation.

Northern Water Excursions LLC is a company that not only delivers the training for becoming a licensed Captain with the United States Coast Guard recognition, but it is a company that also makes it’s living on the water. This unique program allows for a true-life scenario’s to be discussed in addition to real life applications that many instructors around the Midwest cannot provide.

Give me a shout to attend your MN Captains Class – In Person Training today!

Capt J