Changing Seasons means Changing Gears!

It’s the time of year when you look out your front window and start to notice the colors changing, you walk outside and notice there is ice forming in the puddles. Changing seasons means changing gears! There are three gears you need to be aware of,

1.) The bite is going to get really good!

2.) Finesse presentations are going to be key along with slower movement

3.) It’s time to start gearing back up for Captain’s Classes

The finesse program needs to shine during this time of year, and I usually simplify to a horizontal jig with methodical slow movements. The picture below is a great example of the actions you need to take to allow you to get your limits of 15″ – 18.5″ fish. You will need a laser focus and slowing down to the point where you may only pick up the jigs 6″ off of the bottom. If your jig cadence gets any higher, you may not get bit, and in addition to that the speed of the cadence may have to be extremely slow. Those were key factors to producing our limits – just yesterday!

If you would like to understand these patterns more, just give me a call and let’s book a trip! Just remember – Changing seasons means changing gears!

Tight Lines,

Capt. J